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Jimmy Gleacher

"A comic writer to watch."
-Publishers Weekly

My first job after college was driving around Denver trying to convince liquor stores to buy fruit flavored lagers during the day, and giving away t-shirts at beer conventions at night. Life was good. However, something possessed me to get an MFA in prose from the Naropa Institute, where I was awarded the Jack Kerouac Scholarship for Fiction. My thesis from grad school turned out to be my first novel, and I spent the next several years publishing two more novels, writing a screenplay that was produced into a feature length film, and teaching creative writing at various workshops. In 2011 I stopped writing to help launch a podcasting software company called ART19 which was acquired by Amazon in 2021.

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it's how you play the game

"A hilarious and insightful portrait of men and women in their twenties. Jimmy Gleacher captures that struggle to trust your own instincts at an age when you find yourself stuck between childhood and adulthood." 

-Gwyneth Paltrow

paradise rules
Gallery books

Alternately sweet and dark, exploring an older woman's sexual relationship with a teenage boy. We see the opposite all too often and Gleacher's take is unique, navigating all the confusion and destruction, yet there is humor woven into every beautiful page.” 

—Jill Kargman

silly little rich girl
casperian books

Gleacher doesn’t get the attention he deserves. He’s a smart, funny writer with a fresh narrative voice. Silly Little Rich Girl is a quirky, heartfelt story, an adventurous newfangled tour of America’s pop culture, micro celebrity, and mental illness.

- James Frey

Short Stories & film

he's such a girl

Brainstorm Media

Whitney wants to marry his uncommitted girlfriend, Taylor, and seeks help from all the wrong people, including his friend, Aldo, who undercuts him at every turn because he too is in love with Taylor. Add an overbearing boss, Taylor’s bible quoting parents, and soon enough Whitney is struggling to keep his girlfriend, his job, and his sanity.

cougars are my weakness
four dot press

A collection of eight literary short stories with an erotic twist, that won’t make you feel cheap the next morning. Cougars Are My Weakness romps through the tantalizing terrain of sex and seduction where age is just a number...unless it’s 69. 

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